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UMW continues with mangrove-planting

In the swamp forest , there are four different families of mangroves and 13 species of mangrove trees

AS part of its commitment to address environmental sustainability , UMW Holdings Berhad ( UMW ) and its subsidiary , UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd . ( UMWT ) and the Malaysian Nature Society recently organised a tree-planting programme at the Kuala Selangor Nature Park .

Akio Takeyama led the halfday programme , the then Deputy Chairman of UMWT and Zailani Ali , Group Chief Human Resources Officer of UMW .
The 296-hectare Kuala Selangor Nature Park comprises mangrove swamp forest , tidal flats and secondary forest habitats and is a sanctuary for birds and other animal species . Within the mangrove swamp forest , there are four different families of mangroves and a total of 13 species of mangrove trees .
These mangroves and the adjacent tidal flats are part of a diverse ecosystem that recycles nutrients and provides land protection against coastal erosion .
With the dwindling mangrove trees in the country , restoration efforts of these mangrove swamp forest ecosystems must be hastened as it provides infinite value to the coastal protection and the country ’ s biodiversity and food resources .
AMBANK Group held its inaugural ESG Day on Jan 12 to engage with customers and investors on its ESG journey .
As part of its commitment , the Group organised the virtual ESG Day to create a platform to bring together perspectives and insights to help elevate the critical themes in the transition to a more sustainable financial future . The Group is committed to its goal of integrating sustainability into its business operations .
Themed ’ Forward Thinkers : Journeys That Converge ’, the ESG day is part of the Group ’ s action plan to communicate its sustainability road map to its stakeholders and reaffirm commitments . AmBank Group ESG day had two components ; the morning session was for customers , and the afternoon was for investors .
The ESG Day was officiated by Tan Sri Azman Hashim , Chairman of AmBank Group , who reflected on
Mangrove planting programme with Akio Takeyama ( 3rd from the left ) and Zailani Ali ( 4th from the left ).
To restore the site ’ s precious mangrove ecosystem , the programme saw 50 volunteers , comprising employees from both organisations , planting close to 600 mangrove saplings of the Bakau Minyak or Rhizophora Apiculata species within the mangrove swamp forest .
Both UMW and UMWT have been putting in efforts to tackle climate change and contribute to its journey towards net-zero carbon emissions , and tree-planting is one of our efforts to achieve this . Up until 2021 , close to 35,000 trees were planted by the UMW Group since the inception of the tree planting initiative a few years ago , half of which comprised mangroves .
“ The UMW Group has been increasingly adding to the country ’ s green cover as one of our initiatives to mitigate the greenhouse gas ( GHG ) emissions . We want to accelerate and scale up our tree planting efforts in the future , in collaboration with UMWT and Perodua ,” said Zailan Ali .
“ Furthermore , we plan to extend our collaboration to include the
how the landscape in the financial sector has evolved . Azman also stated that the commitment to sustainable growth that combines financial and ESG considerations is at the heart of AmBank Group ’ s strategy . The Group builds longterm value for the bank and its stakeholders .
The session was participated by Jessica Chew Cheng Lian ( Deputy Governor , Bank Negara Malaysia ), Dato ’ Sulaiman Mohd Tahir ( Group CEO , AmBank Group ), Datin Zameema Ariff ( Head of Sustainability , AmBank Group ), Dr Dimitrios Papanastasiou ( Director , Moody ’ s Analytics EMEA ), Charlotte Wolf-Bye ( Chief Sustainability Officer , Petronas ), and John Leong ( Regional Director , CDP ).
Benjamin McCarron moderated the session from Asia Research and Engagement Pte . Ltd ( ARE ).
“ At AmBank Group , our strategy and long-term vision are underpinned by our commitment government and state agencies and non-governmental organisations to ensure the success and sustainability of our efforts .
“ The UMW Group is committed to zero carbon neutrality by 2050 as articulated in the Group ’ s CREST @ 2021 strategic transformation framework . The sustainability pillar places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability to address climate change-related concerns .”
Ravindran K , President , UMW Toyota Motor , said UMW Toyota Motor had always been passionate about the environment . As a vehicle manufacturer with over 52 years of local production , they had wanted to make a difference so all Malaysians could have a greener and more sustainable future .
“ Toyota aspires to reduce carbon emissions and other negative impacts to zero and go beyond those . We want to contribute to the environment while delivering “ mobility to all ” and providing happiness to all through our commitment towards a ‘ Clean , Safe and Secure Society ,” said Ravindran .

AmBank Group holds inaugural ESG Day

to contribute to the greater good of our people and planet through responsible banking and business practices ,” said Sulaiman .
“ This commitment is reflected in our Group Sustainability Agenda . We actively consider ESG risks and impacts to create shared prosperity for the current and future generations without compromising our financial objectives .”
During the morning sharing session with AmBank ’ s customers , the session addressed the basics , discussed challenges and opportunities and showcased some of the customers who embrace sustainability in their ways .
The morning session started with Nik Shahrizal Sulaiman , a Partner and the Islamic finance leader of PwC Malaysia , who presented on Malaysia ’ s foundation and Net Zero pathways . Kausalya Gopal , Director of Economics & Policy of SME Corporation Malaysia , explored SMEs ’ opportunities and challenges .
Putrajaya bucks global trend to raise tax on garbage disposal
DEPUTY Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Muttalib told Parliament that local governments now pay for waste as an effort to prevent indiscriminate dumping .
Member of Parliament for Sri Gading , Datuk Shahruddin bin Md Salleh asked Ismail whether the government had any plan to raise taxes to disincentive excessive waste dumping .
“ The waste that they , including households , we pay them for it . Trashto-cash is a way to educate people that waste should not be dumped indiscriminately . Instead , we put a value on them ... not only do we penalise ( illegal dumpers ) and buy them to incentivise ,” Ismail said .
Waste management is under the purview of the State Government and is mainly subsidised by the State . Regardless of which side , all ruling coalitions have been hesitant to raise the assessment tax , seemingly to avoid political backlash .
Two Malaysians to receive honorary awards from UK
ACCORDING to the Honorary Awards List announced in the United Kingdom ( UK ), two Malaysians , retired dentist Dr Vinod Kumar Joshi and adventure guide Tham Yau Kong will receive Honorary Awards from the UK .
Dr Joshi will be awarded the Officer of the Order of the British Empire ( OBE ) for exceptional services to fighting cancer . At the same time , Tham will receive the Member of the Order of the British Empire ( MBE ) for outstanding services in environmental , historical and cultural conservation .
British High Commissioner to Malaysia , Charles Hay congratulated Dr Joshi for his outstanding career , devotion and services to fighting cancer which was seen as an essential contribution in the UK . He also commended Tham on his well-deserving MBE award for rediscovering and conserving the Sandakan-Ranau Death March route , a piece of history that is important to both the UK and Malaysia .
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia researchers develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
TWO researchers from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ( UKM ) developed hydrogen hybrid vehicles that run on hydrogen fuel cells and emit zero carbon emissions .
They are Professor Ir . Dr Siti Kartom Kamarudin and Associate Professor Dr Mohd Shahbudin Mastar @ Masdar from the UKM Fuel Cell Institute , who led the research and development of the UKM FCH2HC , a mini version of a hybrid SUV , and the UKM-FCH2B , a buggy .
The hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were developed in collaboration with industry partners by modifying electric vehicles .
According to Siti Kartom , the UKM- FCH2B is unique as the battery has been replaced with a fuel cell system as an electrical power source to improve the buggy ’ s operational efficiency and a 3000 W stationary power generator for electrical appliances .
“ Meanwhile , the UKM-FCH2HC is a hybrid vehicle that combines a fuel cell and a battery in a 0.5 ratio . Each power source can provide a capacity of up to 10 kW , allowing the vehicle to travel further .
“ The fuel cell system is equipped with humidifiers and water coolers as supporting units to ensure optimal system performance ,” she said . — @ Green