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Strengthening management of halal meat imports

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PM : We will be savvier

Strengthening management of halal meat imports

THREE NEW methods will be introduced to safeguard the integrity of the management system for the import of halal meat products into the nation . Prime Minister Dato ’ Sri

Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia ( JAKIM ) and several related agencies would implement these mechanisms in response to the imported meat cartel episode in December 2020 .
The incident served as a reminder to many quarters regarding the importance of having a sound management system for the halal product supply chain in the country .
The announcement was when he launched the 2021 National Halal Conference virtually on Nov 23 . Ismail Sabri noted one new criterion was for animal-based products held in warehouses to have the Malaysian Halal Certification ( SPHM ) under the scheme for the warehousing logistics category .
“ Imported animal-based products need to use the services of an SPHM-certified transport chain under the scheme for transport logistics category ,” he added .
Additionally , repackaging companies must undergo a mandatory procedure to obtain Malaysian halal certification under the scheme .
Ismail Sabri said JAKIM was developing an RM3.4 million Halal Integrated Information System to serve as a database for halal products to strengthen Malaysian halal certification .
The database will have six systems , namely the MYeHALAL ( domestic ), MYeHALAL ( international ), e-Cert Print System , Malaysia International Halal Authority Board ( MyIHAB ), Module on Application of Foreign Slaughterhouses and Module on Malaysian Halal Product Ingredients Management ( MyHALAL Ingredients ).
He said that under MyIHAB , JAKIM could regulate 84 foreign halal certification bodies from 46 countries recognised by JAKIM .
“ Insya-Allah , through this planning , it is expected that beginning 2023 , the Keluarga Malaysia ( Malaysian Family ) can use this system to check the status of halal products from foreign countries ,” he said .
Ismail Sabri , who also launched the Malaysia Halal Certification Procedure Manual ( Domestic ) 2020 and Malaysia Halal Management System 2020 , said JAKIM is also developing the Malaysian Halal Certification Procedure Manual ( International ) and International Halal Executive Module .
The government will also prioritise efforts to encourage Bumiputera entrepreneurs in the halal industry through guidance programmes combining multiple related ministries .
He said JAKIM ’ s efforts to improve Malaysia ’ s halal certification had been recognised by the Department of Standards Malaysia with the award of ISO / IEC 17065 accreditation on Oct 10 , 2020 , making JAKIM the country ’ s first halal certification organisa-
Insya-Allah , through this planning , it is expected that beginning 2023 , the Keluarga Malaysia ( Malaysian Family ) can use this system to check the status of halal products from foreign countries .”
— Dato ’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob
tion to be recognised on a worldwide scale .
“ This accreditation has given an impact not only to various products which have been certified but also contributed to better management in the implementation of halal certification ,” he said .
Based on the Economic Planning Unit reports in the Prime Minister ’ s Department , the halal market is projected to contribute 8.1 per cent to the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) by generating exports of RM56 billion by 2025 .

MATRADE ’ S promotion of Malaysia ’ s halal products and services to the world

THE MALAYSIA External Trade Development Corporation ( MATRADE ) is taking the halal agenda globally during the World Expo 2020 by focusing on bringing together businesses to capture business-to-business ( B2B ) opportunities , as well as seeking governmentto-government ( G2G ) cooperation .
“ We know other countries want to collaborate with Malaysia to strengthen the global halal ecosystem . The global halal industry presents a huge opportunity with the market now valued at US $ 3.1 trillion , said Sharimahton Mat Saleh , Deputy CEO of MATRADE .
“ Malaysia remained a prominent global leader in the halal economy , sustaining its top position in the Global Islamic Economic Indicators ( GIEI ) for eight consecutive years . It is a promising indicator of recovery for Malaysia ’ s halal export performance , in line with the country ’ s outstanding trade performance that we have seen in the first nine months of 2021 .
As Malaysia ’ s national trade promotion organisation , MATRADE is leading the Export Acceleration Mission ( EAM ) on Halal Digital Ecosystem on Nov 14-20 , 2021 , to forge a lasting partnership at Expo 2020 in Dubai , UAE .
With the theme “ Connecting Minds , Creating the Future ”, the World Expo 2020 in Dubai will be an excellent platform for the Malaysian exporters to connect with the global community boosting Malaysia ’ s leadership in halal worldwide trade and economy .
Malaysia also recognises that the UAE has also established itself as a regional hub for halal products and services .
Malaysia collaboration ’ s with the country will include knowledge sharing , capacitybuilding and business matching to create a vibrant and sustainable business landscape for the Muslim-friendly consumer segment using Dubai ’ s extensive regional trade network .
Sharimahton stressed that countries must move together as they play a significant role in promoting the halal agenda globally .
The world has also recognised the halal industry as the new engine of economic growth . It can be seen from the increase of halal products in many countries , which is not limited only to Muslim majority countries .
The digitalisation agenda for Malaysia ’ s halal industry was spearheaded by introducing its first virtual edition of the 17th Malaysia International Halal Showcase ( MIHAS ), open from Sept 9 until Dec 31 , 2021 , with the theme “ Empowering Halal , Tomorrow , Together ”.
The virtual edition of MIHAS has reached a global audience with more than 14,000 visi- tors and 55 per cent international exhibitors from 43 countries and generated more than RM2 billion ( US $ 480 million ) of export sales at the end of October .
Following the success of MIHAS , this Export Acceleration Mission on Halal Digital Ecosystem to Dubai at the World Expo 2020 continues to drive the momentum and visibility of Malaysia ’ s halal products and services to reach global consumers in tandem with the positive direction of the global economy as it bounces back from the pandemic .