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Modest fashion on the rise Innersejuk CEO Azrul Izzam highlights the importance of understanding the Muslim diaspora in going global


Glam Halal | January-February . 2022

INNERSEJUK is not a foreign name for hijab-wearing women in Malaysia . The label has positioned itself in the local modest fashion industry as the leading and inclusive activewear brand . The word ‘ Innersejuk ’ speaks for itself as the technology used by the brand in its clothing line proves that it is committed to providing the best quality material for the comfort of its customers .

“ Our brand purpose at Innersejuk is to empower women to make the choices that empower them . Be it in the active lifestyle , in the kind of sports they participate or in the choice of modesty . Our product is inclusive and doesn ’ t discriminate , and so should we . Everyone is welcome to wear Innersejuk ,” said Airaz Technologies Sdn Bhd ( Innersejuk ) CEO Azrul Izzam .
“ Traditionally , sportswear for Muslim women was an afterthought : no proper R & D , no marketing , no innovation . We needed to find a solution to a problem for almost 500 million women across the globe .
“ A hijab that kept them cool , without sacrificing the aesthetics .
“ It took us five years , 1000 focus interviews and 37 prototypes before we created “ Inner Sejuk ”. And after all that trial and error , we developed our very own material that every hijab had to have for it to be successful .
“ The material is called Drichill Technology . It ’ s a premium material that we design with our fabric manufacturing partner .”
He added there were some ‘ athletic innerwear ’ options in the market . However , they often came in unflattering and awful colours and designs .
The brand was also quick to change its business strategy when the pandemic hit the world in 2020 . Innersejuk took the outbreak as an opportunity and quickly adapted to the changes that suited its business operation .
“ We quickly pivoted our production plan from the innerwear and hijab to an essential item which is the fabric face mask . We sold more than two million masks up to this date . The strategy was to recognise opportunity , mobilise our manufacturing , and enable our employees to work effectively from home .
“ Alhamdulillah , we managed to mitigate the negative impacts of Covid-19 and ensure our business continuity during these trying times .”
Untapped opportunity
Whilst people may opine that the market seems saturated , Azrul believes there is a massive untapped opportunity for modest fashion in the country .
“ The opportunities to expand into the international market are always there . The modest wear world that the Innersejuk brand lives in is at the intersection of sportswear and lifestyle wear .
“ We are barely scratching the surface with different styles and innovations , especially

Modest fashion on the rise Innersejuk CEO Azrul Izzam highlights the importance of understanding the Muslim diaspora in going global

in the modest sportswear category . It is our blue ocean !”
Azrul made it clear that customers were always at the forefront of the brand . He revealed that Innersejuk products were designed with these people in mind , considering their likes , dislikes , preferences , and how the product helps solve their problems .
“ Look at our under scarves for an example ; it ’ s the coolest material for “ anak tudung ” that is antimicrobial and a perfect fit for every shape and size . The feedback that we ’ ve received from the customers is that it doesn ’ t smell , doesn ’ t give them headaches and stays on all day .
“ Malaysian brands are poised for growth in modest and halal fashion , especially with the growing interest in the category . We see more brands start to explore their unique aesthetic shoulder by the consumer preference and confidence in the local brand .
“ Our homegrown brands have been quite successful in merging a plethora of cultures and tastes to meet the customer ’ s demand .
" Anyone looking for ways to spend their resources or invest in the correct modest fashion , could always turn to any Malaysian brand with the right ingredients for their taste .
“ And , especially for those looking for modest sportswear , look no further because we understand the needs and wants of our audience that translates to the best product design and quality to boost .”
Challenges in modest fashion industry
Addressing the challenges faced by the play-