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New journey with Durioo
On Nov 26 , 2021 , Sinan announced the birth of Durioo - a new tech startup established to expand the team ’ s wish to produce quality Islamic animation for children worldwide . Durioo aspires to be the Disney and Netflix for Muslim children .
“ Enough of the tears . After bidding goodbye to Didi & Friends , Sinan and the team introduce Durioo , Mina Mila and Little Ammar !” he wrote on his Facebook post .
According to Sinan , there are more than 400 million Muslim children globally . However , there are not many high-quality Islamic animations and games these children could consume to learn the beauty of Islam .
“ At Durioo , we believe animation and games with Islamic essence will bring many benefits . Just imagine the impact that we can bring to 400 million Muslim children ,” said Sinan .
“ Previously at Digital Durian , we ’ re an animation company which produces animation to be broadcasted on Youtube or sold to TV stations . At Durioo , our aim is different . It is a tech startup . We will have our platform , Durioo + and Durioo games . We will also produce Durioo Originals and
Paul Pogba ( footballer ) spotted watching Omar & Hana on TV .
mobile games .”
Durioo + is a streaming service that can be accessed through smartphones , tabs , Smart TV , Android Box , etc . Sinan said the team would produce their animations and content with Durioo Originals brand .
“ We will collaborate with other animation companies ( local and international ). The most important thing is , Durioo + will air high-quality Islamic essence contents . It is because children deserve the best .”
Durioo + is set to meet the world in 2022 . For starters , Durioo will develop two original series , namely Little Ammar and Mina Mila , on its platform .
“ Little Ammar is the Cocomelon for Muslim children ,” he said , adding there will be more series to come on the streaming platform .
He also shared that Durioo would produce one game each month through Durioo Games – a platform for mobile games with Islamic values and lessons .
“ We know this will not be an easy journey and will take a long time , but we will do our best . Who knows , one day , Durioo will get the opportunity to create an animation with ( footballers ) Mo Salah or Paul Pogba ? Nothing is impossible .”