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No stone left unturned

Marrybrown the flag-bearer Malaysia Pavilion announces Malaysianowned largest halal quick serving restaurant chain in the world as its café operator for Expo 2020 Dubai
Eye on South Korea SFH 2021 an ideal opportunity to launch its new virtual product demo platform
Enter plant-based market Trend offers opportunities for halal brands
Qatar imposes stricter guides Aimed at raising awareness to avoid rejection at port of entry
Wealthsimple launches new ETF Seeks to replicate the performance of the Dow Jones Islamic Market Developed Markets Quality

THERE is so much uncertainty in the country . The restricted movements have paralysed businesses virtually . And for Malaysia , the halal sphere has become more challenging . The players in the halal sectors have been trying to kickstart the economy . But every time they plan a move , a spanner is thrown into the works .

Take the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation ( MATRADE ), for instance . They have been trying to get up and going with the Malaysia International Halal Showcase ( MIHAS ). But their planned thrust on this globally-recognised stage is continually being interrupted .
The Covid-19 pandemic forced the postponement of last year ’ s MIHAS from April to September last year . And then , called off .
And the steely determination of MATRADE CEO Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz has seen no stone left unturned in ensuring “ the show must go on ” this year .
“ Rain or shine … MIHAS cannot be absent too long ,” he said .
How true ? There is the threat of MIHAS fading from the minds of the halal players if the event does not take place for the second year running .
The 2021 MIHAS is slated to start in September . The jury is still out if the event should be a hybrid , virtual or physical . But one thing is sure – it will happen this year .
The show now is fully virtual and almost 400 Malaysian and international exhibitors are participating in the virtual exhibition .
And so , one has to appreciate the thought , planning and effort that have gone into ensuring this money-spinner , which is the local and international halal market , is not lost in the woods .
Good response to MIHAS 2021 The world ’ s largest halal show returns this year with encouraging response from participants
Women drive Islamic tourism economy ITC highlights women ’ s contributions and supports their roles in the industry
Profit vs Interest Islamic banking ’ s pricing termed ‘ profit ’ is derived from a permissible ( halal ) transaction p08
Senegal a strategic gateway HDC willing to work with West African region p17
Push for Ivermectin Muslim consumer groups urge government to consider its use to treat Covid-19