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Bridging the digital divide

Enhancing digital experience Metaverse by IBF Net set to create a halal ecosystem
ISA receives GAC halal accreditation The organisation is committed to addressing the needs of the rapidly expanding halal marketplace
Rethinking summer Ikhlas partners with Saudi Tourism Authority to inspire travellers with Saudi ’ s new ‘ Rethink Summer ’ campaign
Reducing reliance on imported milk F & N breaks ground on new integrated dairy farm in Gemas , Negeri Sembilan

THERE HAS been a noticeable push for digitalisation within the halal industry , from government agencies to regulatory bodies and state governments . Numerous apps and platforms have been introduced , each aiming to enhance the halal journey . However , it is not enough to have countless standalone applications .

What is crucial is the seamless integration of these apps to create a cohesive and robust halal ecosystem . This integration requires the collective efforts of all stakeholders involved . Only by coming together can they identify ways to strengthen the halal industry and ensure its relevance in the global market .
One notable initiative in this regard is the recent introduction of the MATRADE Digital Trade Platform ( MDTP ). With high hopes placed on this platform , it is expected to provide a comprehensive solution for mapping the halal industry on a global scale . The successful implementation of MDTP could pave the way for streamlined processes and enhanced connectivity within the halal ecosystem .
As digitalisation takes centre stage in the halal industry , it is crucial to prioritise accessibility for businesses of all sizes . While larger enterprises may have the financial means to invest in advanced technologies , small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs ) form the backbone of the halal industry and contribute significantly to its growth .
Therefore , empowering and supporting SMEs in their digitalisation journey is vital . SMEs can embrace digital tools and compete on a level playing field with larger counterparts by providing them with the necessary resources , training , and assistance .
In short , while integrating digitalisation in the halal industry brings numerous opportunities , it is imperative to address the accessibility and inclusivity aspects . Making technology accessible to businesses of all sizes becomes crucial , particularly during economic uncertainties .
By providing the necessary support , bridging the digital divide , and prioritising customer needs , Malaysia ’ s halal industry can fully leverage the benefits of digitalisation and secure its position as the global leader in the halal market . –
A digitally vibrant nation MATRADE and Fusionex unveil revolutionary digital trade platform to boost Malaysian exports
Insights from global halal expos Unveiling opportunities and growth in the halal industry
Empowering women Closing the gender gap in the halal industry
An opportunity to diversify Halal Expo Manchester 2023 serves as an opportunity for mainstream brands to showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusivity
Exploring the Indonesian halal market Halal Expo Indonesia 2023 aims to gather global halal players in one collaborative platform