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No-go for halal food manufacturers With the new rules of excluding foreign audiences , the 30-40 per cent Muslim spectators we were targetting are gone , says FISB MD
Halal exports RM20b off the mark HDC says export revenue for halal industry likely hit RM31b last year , well short of govt ’ s RM50b target
Emirates Islamic launches ‘ businessONLINE ’ Expands exclusive services to SMEs by launching new business banking centres
Daesang Briefs enters Indonesia The company is first from South Korea to enter the halal market in the Muslimmajority nation
Bank Islam targets 500,000 new customers TheNoor digital app offers gateway link to various products
No issue to be Muslim-friendly Five-star Pullman Kuching has been getting positive response

With the Covid-19 vaccines rolling out the world over , it is expected that tourism would be ignited again .

Thailand , for instance , recently announced they would be accepting vaccinated tourists into Phuket .
That would be the order of the day , but now popularly known as “ the new norm ”.
Islamic tourism would not be left out of the race . Muslim countries would now be jostling for positions , for their place in the sun . All that pent-up energy , the urge to travel and especially the knotted purse-strings for over a year would now be cut loose .
Where will Muslim tourists go ? Which would be their favourite Muslim-friendly destinations be ? It is a no-brainer . MALAYSIA . Consider this :
• The global Muslim population has surpassed three billion .
• The Muslim population has the fastest growth rate .
• The growth drivers are Saudi Arabia , UAE , Indonesia , China , Malaysia , India and Singapore .
• In 2019 , before the pandemic hit , Muslim travel was worth US $ 194 billion ( that ’ s almost RM1 trillion ).
Malaysia ’ s Islamic Tourism Centre ( ITC ) has been in overdrive . They knew this day would come when the demand for Muslim- destinations would be staggering . And they will have to be ready when that happens .
True , there would be apprehensions . Would-be travellers will not dive right in . Caution would prevail , and yet , it is a reality . Muslim travellers ’ budgets would open up even more now that Japan has announced they will not accept foreign spectators for the Tokyo Olympics this year .
The needs of Muslim travellers are simple :
1 . Places for prayers . 2 . Halal food .
In both aspects , Malaysia is streets ahead of most , if not all , other Muslim countries .
There are mosques and suraus in every Malaysian district . Halal food and beverage ( F & B ) outlets are on every street corner .
And more … Malaysia is a melting pot of diverse races , religions and cultures . Not something you get everywhere .
There you go , ITC . The fruits of Islamic tourism are ripe for the picking . The time is now . The private sector too should rise to the occasion .
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