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Malaysia ’ s organic halal growth

HPDC to sponsor IsDB ’ s Private Sector Forum Endorsement underlines its objective to invest in and strengthen the halal industry in Saudi Arabia
Maintaining halal standards Thailand ’ s halal exports ready to surge as country wins global recognition
Attracting Middle Eastern tourists Malaysia aims to be the top destination for Muslim travellers

SEEKING what is halal or permissible according to Islamic law is crucial for Muslims . It is not just a personal choice but a religious obligation deeply rooted in faith and devotion . As Malaysians , we are fortunate to witness the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia ’ s ( JAKIM ) unwavering dedication to ensuring transparency and integrity in all halal-related matters within our country . It is truly remarkable to see Malaysia ’ s halal industry grow organically .

JAKIM ’ s swift and decisive actions in addressing any viral halal issues that arise on the Internet reflect their unwavering commitment to preventing potential harm and safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders . By responding promptly , JAKIM reinforces its effectiveness as the regulatory agency entrusted with upholding the sanctity of halal .
Therefore , once a business obtains halal certification , it must not underestimate the significance of this endorsement . Compliance with the established halal manuals and standards goes beyond mere legal requirements ; it is a moral obligation .
Businesses must recognise their responsibility in upholding these standards and continuously strive for excellence in providing halal products and services to consumers .
As proud Malaysians , we are responsible for appreciating and supporting the efforts of JAKIM and other critical stakeholders in the halal industry . Their unwavering commitment to upholding halal integrity contributes significantly to Malaysia ’ s global reputation and branding as a leader in halal practices .
If we , as locals , do not champion our homegrown halal branding , who else will ?
By acknowledging and supporting the endeavours of JAKIM and other essential players in the halal industry , we actively contribute to preserving and promoting this vital sector , which is pivotal in our nation ’ s economy and cultural heritage .
Islamic financing in business SELHAC 2023 ’ s success has opened new doors to halal financing for organisations and SMEs
Providing value-added services ETHIS Malaysia & Sapura Bluedome to spur Malaysia ’ s Shariah-focused entrepreneurship
P10-12 COVER STORY Upholding halal integrity JAKIM ’ s continuous enhancements to Malaysia ’ s halal standards foster confidence and trust among the public and industry players