@Halal Sept/Oct 2019 | Page 4

04 @Halal | september-october. 2019 Malaysia KFRI Lab. Upon their arrival, the Halvec team sets up the pace through briefing the KFRI team on halal management system, delivered by Hj Saifol. The Korea Food Research Institute. Exchange gifts. Halvec to Halvec analyst Nurul Atiqah Sa’adon (most front) conducting hands on training for halal testing to KFRI lab analysts. The Halvec team led by Nor Amin Mohd Noor, Founder of Halvec Laboratories (front row, second from left) together with the KFRI team. train Korean halal test lab The Korean Food Research Institute is starting their own halal test lab, and they look towards a local halal test lab for guidance H alvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd has been appointed by KFRI (Korea Food Research Institute), South Korea to assist in setting up their very own halal test labora- tory. Halvec Laboratories is a panel lab for the Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM), and their task is to introduce, train and provide practical hands-on 'how-to’s' for KFRI analysts. The training was done within three days (Sept 2 - 4) at KFRI Halal Lab Training Room and Halal Laboratory (Molecular and Chemistry). Starting with introduction and understanding, KFRI participants were trained with specific theoretical under- standing on Halal Scientific Analysis and Halal Assurance System. This was to ensure the participants had deeper knowledge about the theory, reason and system of Halal and JAKIM practice. Possible first for international lab recognised by JAKIM Second part of training included the under- standing and preparation of KFRI towards Halal Lab and possibly the first interna- tional recognised JAKIM Halal Panel Lab. The specific technical trainings included with Halal Lab Management System, Nucleic Acid profiling in Halal Analysis, ELISA Analysis/Protein Approach in Halal Analysis and Alcohol Determination in Halal Analysis. The technical training was provided by experienced Halvec analysts with understanding of standard/halal requirements, hands-on on live samples and troubleshoot with discussion on method validation. Towards the end the three-day training, Halvec trainers were able to complete the course outline and KFRI participants were able to reach understanding with planning of action in mind. The programme ended with exchange of gifts , thanks and farewell. Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd and KFRI agreed to continue working and collaborate with each other towards development of Halal Science Analysis between Malaysia and South Korea. Towards a brighter future for halal The partnership between Halvec Laborato- ries and KFRI is a step in the right direction in Malaysia’s effort to globalise its halal expertise. Knowing that the demand and interest for halal products have expanded beyond Muslim majority countries, the need for proper halal testing facility has become imminent. Only time will tell as to how far can we go in providing services relating to halal to other parts of the world.