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June Liao ’ s doctrine on food consumption

• Things harmful and not beneficial to the body ( such as tobacco , alcohol ) – Don ’ t consume
• Delicious food which is not very good for the body – Consume a little
• Not delicious but good for the body – Consume more
• Nice to eat and good for the body – Consume regularly
Abeille d ’ Or ’ s top-selling products & functions
• Chlorella Gold Chewable Tablet Improves physical fitness and maintains good health
• Verte Chlorella Powder Increasing beneficial bacteria for healthy gut
• Green Kale A super food derived from premium Japanese Kale
• IQ No 1 Formula ( Chewable tablet ) Excellent for mental acuity and better eyesight
people ’ s awareness of healthcare has also increased significantly . June Liao reiterated that the company still maintains its original objective and insists on sharing , just like before .
“ When I was young , I also encountered major and minor health problems . When I was pregnant , the experience of lying in a hospital bed for a month and a half without getting out of bed was most miserable . Therefore , I really long to stay healthy .”
“ Later I came into contact with Chlorella , which also unintentionally became my career focus , and my health has improved ever since . Even though I am 72 years old now , my health report card is still very much up to mark .
“ When I imported this product , my belief was ‘ It ’ s such a wonderful feeling to be healthy ’. My personal experience and feedback from my family members and friends all confirmed the effectiveness of this product .”
“ I believe there are many people out there who are clueless about healthcare and are still looking for ways to stay healthy . Embracing this thinking and resolution , I have persisted for 30 years in order to share the good things and better health with more people ,” she reiterated .
Never too late to start
With the outbreak of Covid-19 , June Liao has led Abeille d ’ Or to accelerate the pace
I believe there are many people out there who are clueless about healthcare and are still looking for ways to stay healthy . Embracing this thinking and resolution , I have persisted for 30 years , in order to share the good things and better health with more people .”
of transformation , moving from traditional sales methods to online marketing . “ Through our own exploration and hard work , we do not mind being a late comer . The same is true for consuming healthcare products . The important thing is that it is never too late to start .”
June Liao also talked about her late father : “ I managed to convince my father to take the health supplements when he was 85 years old . He lived until 101 years old and died of old age .
“ He had been taking Abeille d ’ Or Chlorella for 16 years without suffering from any disease or pain . During the later years , my father used to recall that he was really fortunate and unlike his friends who had to frequent hospitals for loads of medicines .”
On Covid-19 , June Liao said no one can be spared from this global pandemic . “ No matter how well the SOP is implemented , contact between people is inevitable , even among family members . Risks are everywhere .
“ Therefore , it is important to maintain a good immune system and pay attention to a balanced nutritional diet . Maintaining a stronger immunity provides an extra shield of protection and hence better peace of mind .” — The Health
This article was reproduced from MyHealth December 2020 issue . Translation by CS Fong .
In commemoration : In 2010 when the 7-storey Abeille d ’ Or Center was officially opened , a Japanese lady figurine was gifted by Sumiya Hori , the Chairman and CEO of Yakult Honsha Co Ltd .

The health supremo

Abeille d ’ Or is famous for its green algae which is still loved by consumers after 30 years in the market . Currently , Abeille d ’ Or is launching an upgraded version of Chlorella which has higher Calcium content to cater to middle-aged and elderly people as well as growing children .
“ Abeille d ’ Or Chlorella is All-in-1 containing more than 90 nutrients , so it is suitable and beneficial for everyone , although people may have different physiques and different needs ,” June Liao said .
Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll , which performs the functions of blood purification , detoxification and hematopoiesis . The molecular structure of chlorophyll is similar to that of hemoglobin , which helps to transport oxygen to various organs in the body and effectively absorbs nutrients .
It is also a natural hematopoietic raw material . The high content of chlorophyll enhances the functions of blood cleansing and hematopoiesis . The skin will look naturally fair and ruddy , so it is loved by young people and those with an an emia issue .
“ One of the salient significances I have often witnessed in the past 30 years is that Abeille d ’ Or Chlorella is also particularly convincing for middle-aged men ,” June smiled .
During the interview , June Liao emphasized that Abeille d ’ Or Chlorella can also bring about various other benefits . “ Take alcoholic drinks for an example . When you go out to socialise , if you don ’ t drink , it may annoy your friends ; but if you drink , it could hurt your liver .
“ Under such circumstance , you can take Abeille d ’ Or Chlorella before drinking . This way the alcohol can be metabolised quickly . It will not hurt the liver , and there will be no hangover the next day .”

Queen of green

When our team arrived at Abeille d ’ Or , a staff immediately served each of us a glass of green-coloured drink which exuded a natural grassy taste . June Liao revealed it was the Green Kale drink , the latest product to be launched by Abeille d ’ Or .
“ Kale is a member of the cruciferous family bestowed with the title of ‘ Queen of Green ’. This product is made from high-quality Kale , produced by Japan ’ s Yakult Health Foods Co Ltd .
From the farm ’ s strict soil control to the cultivation and production of raw materials through the passionate care of the farmers , followed by its comprehensive quality control , the result is a completely unadulterated reliable nutritional product full
of kale goodness equivalent to a natural super food .”
“ The product does not use chemical additives and pesticides during cultivation . Pests are handled manually and only organic fertilisers are used . As recommended by research findings , the best time for harvest is early morning when it is fresh and optimal in terms of nutritional value .
“ It is then quickly sent to the factory for processing . The finished product is completed on the same day to ensure freshness ,” June Liao explained .
It won ’ t be wrong to say that most people today between the ages of 30 and 45 only use their kitchens for boiling water or maybe warming the milk bottle . Many people also know that it is necessary to have vegetables every day to ensure good health .
“ Since it is not easy to eat enough green vegetables , why not just “ drink ” it ! Just a simple brew , or sprinkles on the salads or mix with other fruit juice will suffice to ensure a timely intake of high-quality fibers with Vitamin C etc , to bring about the required antioxidant effect .