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Johnson & Johnson launches new treatment for plaque psoriasis


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Allianz offers Covid-19 cover for SMEs

Sabah union wants mental health of frontliners addressed

Small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs ) looking for added protection against the repercussions of Covid-19 should look towards Smart Retail Shield .
Specifically curated to serve the needs of SMEs , Smart Retail Shield is a flexible fire insurance policy which offers customisable coverage including Inconvenience Relief Benefit , in which Allianz General would pay a benefit to policyholders up to 14 days in the event the insured or insured ’ s employees contract an infectious or contagious disease such as Covid-19 whilst in the premise , which directly results in the restriction of use of the premise by order of the relevant public authority .
Other customisable coverages include protection against commercial fire and coverage such as consequential loss , and terrorism ; safeguarding of business assets ( burglary , machinery breakdown , goods in transit and more ); taking care of the welfare of employees and protection against other exposures .
“ We launched Smart Retail Shield in May this year specifically with SMEs

WCT partners with Stoika against Covid-19

Today , more than ever , it is of paramount importance to have good cleaning and disinfection practices . WCT Malls , the property investment and management division of WCT Holdings Berhad has partnered with Stoika Sdn Bhd to apply the Stoika – SDPRO Antimicrobial Spray across all common areas of the malls under its management , namely Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya , Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru , gateway @ klia2 and SkyPark Terminal to enhance protection of shoppers , tenants and employees .
A variety of research has shown that even in the cleanest environments , viruses and fungi exist on surfaces . Exposure to these bacteria increases the risks of infections and causes people to fall sick . A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine , has stated that the Covid-19 virus can remain infectious as long as 28 days .
With Stoika ’ s SDPRO unique antimicrobial coating , it attracts these microbes to the surface and kills them while preventing them from breeding on communal touch-points . Unlike other standard disinfectants , Stoika ’ s SDPRO antimicrobial coating is self-disinfecting and capable of fighting viruses , while protecting exteriors from bacteria , mould and fungi .
SDPRO is US EPA-certified ( United States of America ’ s Environmental Protection Agency ) and is both safe and eco-friendly . It also retains its effectiveness even without reapplication for up to 12 months .
Dr William Tan , Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Stoika Sdn Bhd
in mind because , in times of crisis and such high uncertainty , you find out what matters ,” said Horst Habbig , Chief Sales Officer of Allianz General Insurance Company ( Malaysia ) Berhad .
“ SMEs have had a tough task navigating this crisis . So with Smart Retail Shield we wanted to offer coverage that was customisable to suit their exact needs , and at the same time addresses the current business climate with an ongoing pandemic .”
“ Now as we come to terms with the repercussions of the rise in Covid-19 infections once again , we hope that SMEs will be confident enough to stay resilient , knowing that Allianz General will have their backs when times get tough ,” added Habbig .
Besides that , SMEs which purchase Smart Retail Shield ( until Dec 31 2020 ) will also receive a one-year free coverage of seven miscellaneous classes totalling RM250,000 sum insured . The miscellaneous classes are Burglary , Glass , Money in Premise , Money in Transit , Public Liability , Employer ’ s Liability and All Risk .
said , “ WCT Malls has always emphasised on a high standard of hygiene . The health and safety of the shoppers , tenants and employees has always been their top priority .
Our partnership with them solidifies our commitment to create a hygienic environment for everyone to shop and
Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson in Malaysia launched TREMFYA™ , a new treatment for adult patients living with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis .
TREMFYA™ is one of the first biologic to selectively target or block a key protein ( interleukin IL-23 ) that causes a specific immune inflammatory response in the body . Imbalances in the levels of this key protein can significantly contribute to psoriasis and cause the build-up of skin cells and patches associated with psoriasis .
Gene based or cellular biologics may be used to treat a variety of medical conditions . Biologics can be composed of sugars , proteins , nucleic acids or complex combinations of these substances , or may be living entities such as cells and tissues .
Studies show that TREMFYA™ , a subcutaneous biologic injectable treatment , offers patients long-lasting control of this persistent disease . Treatment with TREMFYA™ requires two starter doses ; one at the beginning of
The Sabah Medical Services Union ( SMSU ) wants the Ministry of Health to streamline measures and strategies to maintain the mental health of health workers who have been working tirelessly and selflessly round the clock following the Covid-19 pandemic .
SMSU said it appreciated the counselling services provided for the health workers in Sabah , including those from the peninsula , but wanted the government to also look into their welfare .
Its president Ajulahin Japin said the union had received a report that health workers in the state had to work a 12-hours shift since the Covid-19 outbreak , hence the need to properly manage the stress facing them .
“ With the shortage of workers , there are more work to be done and this will put pressure on the remaining staff to continue the work . Therefore , there must be a more effective way to balance the shortage of staff and situations causing stress on the workers ,” he told Bernama .
Meanwhile , SMSU assistant secretarygeneral Melvin Ebin Bondi said there are three important components affecting mental health , namely pressure , anxiety and depression , which has to be detected early among the health workers .
“ If it is not detected early and managed well , or not taken care of , it can cause more serious mental problems , he said .
He thanked the government for appointing more contract psychology officers to provide counselling to affected patients and workers , but said the sixmonth contract given to them was short as it is feared the Covid-19 pandemic would not end then .
SMSU , he said , had also received complaints about from health workers over their leave application , which had been frozen , and on their allowance payment . — Bernama
work , especially in a time where people are concerned about leaving their homes amid the rise in Covid-19 cases in Malaysia . With SDPRO antimicrobial coating as part of the deep cleaning and sanitisation exercise at the malls , it reduces the risk of exposure to infectious diseases amongst the shoppers .”

Johnson & Johnson launches new treatment for plaque psoriasis

treatment and the second one four weeks later , followed by one dose every eight weeks thereafter .
Present at the launch was Chin Keat Chyuan , Managing Director of Johnson & Johnson Malaysia and Sophia Lim , Head of Marketing , Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson Malaysia together with Consultant Dermatologists , Dr Ch ’ ng Chin Chwen and Dr Peter Ch ’ ng Wee Beng .
“ With the introduction of TREMFYA™ in Malaysia , it is important that the availability of this treatment that has been clinically proven to deliver consistent maintenance of efficacy reaches psoriatic patients . In line with this , Johnson & Johnson Malaysia is embarking on a patient awareness programme , “ PsO Much More ”, to emphasise how TREMFYA™ can offer significant skin clearance and improve the lives of those affected by psoriasis . Patient with psoriasis can certainly look forward to effectively manage their disease with lasting efficacy , regain their self-esteem and lead quality lives ,” said Chin Keat Chyuan .