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Duopharma ’ s high productivity amidst innovation focus

DUOPHARMA Biotech Berhad ( Duopharma Biotech ) is strengthening its position as a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company in Malaysia . It is also a commitment to maintaining its leading position as an innovative pharmaceutical company in the country and a global leader in the halal sector . In addition , its intensified focus on Environmental , Social and Governance ( ESG ) has made the Group a preferred employer , trusted partner , attractive investment and an increasingly strong brand .
The Group ended 2021 with a stellar five-year record performance , posting revenue of RM639.18 million and a record profit before tax ( PBT ) of RM82.98 million , amounting to a nine per cent increase from the previous year . Subsequently , the Group started 2022 on a promising note with commendable first quarter 2022 results , as PBT climbed 15 per cent to RM26.65 million , on the back of a 12 per cent higher revenue of RM185.94 million .
At its recent 21st Annual General Meeting ( AGM ) Duopharma Biotech Chairman Tan Sri Siti Sa ’ diah Sh Bakir commented : “ In 2021 , we continued to hold the wellbeing of all employees and stakeholders as our top priority . To keep them safe from Covid-19 , we enhanced all pandemic-related standard operating procedures at our plants and maintained split operations at our offices .”
As the global focus on sustainability intensified in recent years , the Group is redoubling its efforts as a responsible corporate citizen by further strengthening its ESG platform . Duopharma Biotech has committed to carbon neutrality by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050 .
In 2021 , the Group began developing a five-year ESG Strategy ( 2022-2026 ), and in March 2022 , Duopharma Biotech announced its environmental pledge in conjunction with its ESG roadmap . The initiatives related to the ESG Strategy will

Gribbles rebrands to Innoquest

GRIBBLES Pathology , Malaysia ’ s largest private independent diagnostic laboratory services provider , has announced a rebranding to Innoquest , expanded offerings , including the latest and most comprehensive testing capabilities , a state-of-the-art IT support system and a larger global network of medical expertise .
Its Malaysian entities are now aligned with the global brand of Innoquest , all under the Pathology Asia Holdings Group of clinical labs – the fastestgrowing in-vitro diagnostic test provider with a strong presence in Singapore , Malaysia , Vietnam , Philippines , Australia and Indonesia . The Innoquest brand in Malaysia will be held under Innoquest Pathology Sdn Bhd .
Innoquest Pathology is the only multidisciplinary clinical

Smoking can increase bone fracture risk

IN conjunction with World No Tobacco Day on May 31 , Bone Health Alliance Malaysia ( BHAM ) supported the Malaysian government ’ s call for action laboratory in Malaysia to hold both College of American Pathology ( CAP ) and MS ISO15189 accreditations , reinforcing its best-in-class standards , services , and laboratory practices . Moving forward , this gives the diagnostics hub greater opportunities to strengthen its global presence as a centre of excellence in testing .
The rebrand to Innoquest introduces an enhanced IT infrastructure that integrates all lab-related activities to provide a seamless experience for medical professionals and patients . BioMark , a proprietary endto-end platform , will connect Innoquest ’ s laboratories with healthcare providers , patients , and third-party stakeholders to provide digitalised ordering and processing of tests , real-time access to test results and remote patient monitoring
toward effective tobacco control measures as it is critical to improving bone health and reducing the burden of fractures .
Bone health took a back seat during the pandemic . As we transition to the endemic phase of Covid-19 , BHAM urged Malaysians to practice positive bone health habits , as osteoporosis and fragility fractures remain a crucial commence this year onwards
Duopharma Biotech Group Managing Director Leonard Ariff Abdul Shatar said : “ Looking back , we are pleased that early actions have allowed the Group to navigate the pandemic relatively unscathed . We initiated our emergency response preparations before the pandemic was first declared , and we have managed to maintain a high level of productivity amid the movement restrictions and plant upgrades .”
Leonard Ariff said the Group will focus more on digitalising Duopharma Biotech . As part of the efforts , a Digital Health Strategy has been crafted to identify opportunities that will allow the Group to provide the best solutions along the healthcare value chain .
He added that as part of the plan to expand through multiple avenues , including mergers and acquisitions , the Group has identified and evaluated a number of local and international companies . — The Health
via comprehensive electronic records .
“ The decision to rebrand to Innoquest is important and showcases our continued commitment to fast , reliable , accessible and best-in-class services ,” said Dr Nelson Nheu , CEO of Innoquest Pathology .
“ The last two years have demonstrated a need for robust response to new developments in the global health landscape ,” he said , adding that being a part of this strong regional network ensures that Innoquest Pathology is equipped with novel technologies , wider expertise in clinical laboratory practices and the capability to respond quickly and effectively .
Formerly known as Gribbles Pathology , the diagnostics lab merged with Quantum Diagnostics in 2019 and Clinipath Malaysia in 2021 . — The Health
health concern .
The past two years have greatly affected the prevention and care of chronic diseases , especially silent diseases such as osteoporosis . While the public adapts to the new normal , it is imperative to keep osteoporosis patients informed about fracture prevention measures and the importance of treatment continuity . — The Health


Understanding the benefits of genome sequencing
DURING the pandemic , the importance and usage of genome sequencing were widely seen when the technology was used to sequence the first SARS-CoV-2 viral genome in less than 10 days .
“ Even now , with us being in the post-pandemic phase , sequencing technology is still being deployed as a surveillance tool to monitor the emergence of new Covid-19 variants and other infectious diseases ,” said Dr Chee-Onn Leong ( pic ), CEO of AGTC Genomics .
He believes Malaysians urgently need to understand better the huge benefits of WGS ( Whole Genome Sequencing ). Benefits include knowing the high risk of known diseases , which can help individuals make positive decisions about their health .
“ Beyond that , the information gained from sequencing an individual ’ s genome can help people make informed family planning decisions or allow people to make certain arrangements for their health in the future .
“ Even patients with a family history of the fatal disease would be more reassured to know they didn ’ t have the mutation in the first place , and therefore won ’ t pass it on to their children .”
He said nonetheless , awareness of the importance of genomics has been lacking in Malaysia over the past decade , when the rest of the world has made great strides in genomics research .
Alpro Pharmacy ’ s ESG pledge
ALPRO Pharmacy , Malaysia ’ s largest prescription pharmacy , has pledged to strengthen its Environmental , Social , and Governance ( ESG ) practices in day-to-day operations and organisational culture .
This comes after the pharmacy ’ s recent inclusion as part of the world ’ s largest corporate sustainability initiative , the United Nations Global Compact ( UNGC ). UNGC is a United-Nations-certified global movement that aims to mobilise sustainable companies and stakeholders to create a better world .
In line with the inclusion , Alpro is ready to increase its efforts and take concrete steps to support the Ten Principles of UNGC .
The Ten Principles of UNGC cover an array of issues that include human rights , labour , environment and anti-corruption and take actions that advance societal goals and implement Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ).
ESG practices have been a part of the Alpro DNA . The pharmacy chain carried out various instrumental initiatives throughout its 20 years in Malaysia , including notable campaigns such as Safe Medication Disposal Campaign , the Growing Stars Project , ProjectBangku and Save2Safe , to name a few .
Branding , Promotion and Trade Marketing Director Lee Yin Chen said that the recognition by UNGC is a reward for the brand ’ s mantra of putting community first before commerce . — The Health