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Bintai Kinden , IJN sign MOU on Covid-19 vaccine development

Bintai Kinden Corp

Berhad has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) with Institut Jantung Negara ( IJN ) to explore a possible collaboration in the commercial development of Covid-19 vaccine in Malaysia .
It is based on an existing partnership between Bintai Kinden and US-based Generex Biotechnology Corp . in a recent statement , Bintai Kinden said it is partnering Generex to commercialise the Ii-Key-SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus vaccine in Malaysia .
IJN is also known as the National
Heart Institute , specialises in cardiovascular and thoracic medicine .
“ The Ii Key-SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is designed as a ‘ complete vaccine ’ that has the potential to induce the T-Cell and antibody immune responses that can provide protective immunity with long-lasting immunologic memory against SARS-CoV-2 in a highly specific manner to ensure safety ,” Bintai Kinden said .
“ After Generex has received the full US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) approval on the vaccine and provide full documentation to Bintai Kinden , Bintai Kinden will commence the registration process with
[ Malaysia ’ s ] National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency for the vaccine ,” Bintai Kinden said .
Under the MOU between Bintai Kinden and IJN , Bintai Kinden said it is responsible for the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine in Malaysia while IJN will perform and lead the clinical tests of the vaccine as required by the Health Ministry .
Bintai Kinden said IJN will be the clinical research organisation and one of the study sites for the former ( Bintai Kinden ) under the planned commercial development of the Covid-19 vaccine in Malaysia .
“ This MOU shall form the basis of
consensus for the parties to examine the feasibility of this cooperation until such time when any other manner of agreement is entered into by the parties upon terms and conditions to be mutually agreed upon .
“ This MOU shall take effect on and from the date of the parties ’ execution of this MOU for a period of three years and may be extended for such further period as may be agreed by the parties in writing ,” Bintai Kinden said . — The Edge Markets

MySejahtera explains why mall cases were not on Hotspot Tracker

You break the law if you hide mental health problems

The Malaysian Mental Health Association ( MMHA ) has advised workers with mental health problems to disclose their condition to their employers even if they risk being discriminated against .
The organisation ’ s president , Dr Andrew Mohanraj , warned employers could take legal action against them for concealing their ailment .
“ Any undisclosed relevant information can be regarded as fraud ,” he told FMT .
“ If a person with a mental health condition doesn ’ t disclose it at the time of employment , the employer has an upper hand in terms of taking action against or not supporting him .”
Mohanraj acknowledged such disclosure would more likely than not result in rejection of a job application .
He noted the Mental Health Act lacks specific provisions to protect employees with mental health conditions from any form of discrimination at the workplace , but he pointed out the Disabilities
Act suggests “ reasonable accommodation ” to ensure people with mental and other disabilities have a quality of life similar to the kind the able enjoy .
“ Ultimately , it boils down to contractual obligations and disclosure . If an employee falls ill with mental or physical illness , receives treatment and recovers within the stipulated period , then there should be no problem . The employer will not have grounds to dismiss the employee .”
Mohanraj proposed the Employment Act be amended to include a provision against discrimination at the workplace .
Recently , in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day , the Mental Illness Awareness and Support Association launched a crisis centre at its Orchid Clubhouse .
It is the first of such facility in the country catering to people experiencing or recovering from mental health conditions , and providing them with a safe space in a community that supports their recovery .
The people behind the MySejahtera app have explained why Covid-19 cases reported at shopping malls did not show up in the app ’ s Hotspot Tracker .
Users have complained on social media that the Hotspot Tracker continued to show no cases in the past 28 days within a 1km radius .
Users were concerned over reports of Covid-19 cases reported at NuSentral Mall , KL Gateway Mall , Sunway Pyramid Mall and Suria KLCC . However , this information was not reflected by the Hotspot Tracker .
In a statement reported by Bernama on Sept 28 , 2020 , MySejahtera said the location considered to be a Covid-19 hotspot was based on in-depth investigation by the Health Ministry on the definite and possible source of infection .
The malls where cases were reported were not the source or the potential source of Covid-19 infection , the statement said .
“ We would like to commend Malaysians at large for using the functions of MySejahtera regularly

Malaysia to finalise Covid-19 vaccine selection by early 2021 and it is clearly evident everyone is updated about the happenings on Covid-19 . We also urge Malaysians and residents in Malaysia to only share information based on facts so as not to create unnecessary panic in the community ,” said the statement .

MySejahtera is an application developed by the government to assist in managing the Covid-19 outbreak in the country . It is mainly used for check-ins at various shops , commercial premises , government offices , and other places where the public has access .
The government is expected to decide on a Covid-19 vaccine by early next year , said Science , Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin , reported The Edge Markets recently .
He said data from several Covid-19 vaccine clinical tests would be analysed at year end .
He said the ministry discussing the legal implications and procurement model for the vaccine with the Ministry of Health