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P04-06 Local News
• Duopharma wins at SBA 2020 / 2021
• MeDKAD can meet growing demand
• Dr Noor Hisham receives international award
Love your eyes As the incidence of eye problems increases , it is important to get your eyes checked regularly
Colour lens technology There are certain factors to consider when purchasing your beauty or colour contact lenses


Maez Kong Mei Sim
Publishing Permit No : PP19292 / 03 / 2018 ( 034850 )
P08 & P10-11 Cover Story More than just preservation of life The government should ensure access of halal certified medication to Muslim patients to ease their minds
Less vaccine resistance now There is now increasing knowledge and acceptance of the Covid-19 vaccine following initial doubts
Are all beauty or colour lenses the same ? When choosing such lenses , you should never put beauty ahead of safety
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Ensuring quality and integrity Manufacturers must adopt good laboratory practices certification to ensure their products are of high quality
Not a miracle drug Ivermectin should not be regarded as a wonder drug against Covid-19 under any circumstance for now
Purchasing contact lenses online You are advised to follow a prescribed process guided by eye care practitioners when buying your contact lenses online to ensure safety and quality