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Duopharma wins at SBA 2020 / 2021

DUOPHARMA Biotech Berhad has been announced overall winner for their outstanding and comprehensive efforts in corporate sustainability in the Large Enterprises category of the Sustainable Business Awards Malaysia ( SBA ) 2020 / 2021 .
They also won the awards on Business Ethics & Responsibility , Stakeholder Management , UN Sustainable Development Goals ; and the Significant Achievement in Water Management , Waste Productivity and Materiality .
The awards ceremony , held on Sept 23 , 2021 , was organised by Global Initiatives Communications Pte Ltd , a Singapore-based company , which uses sustainability and data science know-how to help companies become more sustainable .
Initiated in 2012 , the SBA is regarded
as the top sustainable awards platform in the region and had been held in five countries namely Singapore , Malaysia , Indonesia , the Philippines and Thailand .
The assessment process was supported by PriceWaterhouseCoopers ( PwC ), the knowledge partner in the assessment of submissions after which the results were presented to an independent National Advisory Panel ( NAP ) for each country .
The awards ’ third edition in Malaysia was supported by PwC Malaysia , The World Business Council for Sustainable Development and BCSD Malaysia , the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology , Novafusion , Thought for Food , The Malaysian Reserve and Green Growth Asia Foundation .
The winners were chosen based on
their continuous performance across 12 different categories , including sustainability strategy , community , energy and water management , supply chain , community , United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ), and ethics among others .
This year , the SBA process was significantly enhanced . Each participant , for example , received an Individual Insights Report that provided a full overview of their sustainability readiness and compared
it to global reporting standards .
While the questionnaire was longer and more in-depth , the process of completing it was made considerably easier thanks to a new platform that had drop-down menus and fewer open-ended questions .
The evaluation procedure was very thorough , and it included validation of responses as well as company interviews where necessary . The results were then presented to the NAP , who decided on the winners .

Aurelius acquires Nilai Medical Centre

IN LINE WITH its aspiration to be the leading healthcare management platform in the Southeast Asia region , the new healthcare group Aurelius Healthcare Sdn Bhd ( Aurelius ), announced the acquisition of its first hospital ; the 100-bed multidisciplinary Nilai Medical Centre , on Aug 9 .
This acquisition is a strong fit with Aurelius ’ strategy to transform healthcare delivery and to achieve the most favourable outcomes for patients ’ health . Pursuant to the acquisition , Nilai Medical started operating as Aurelius Hospital Nilai in September 2021 and remains ready to serve the community in Nilai and beyond .
The founder and Group Managing Director of Aurelius Healthcare , Dato ’ Amir Firdaus Abdullah , said : “ We are delighted with this acquisition , and with the rebranding of the hospital as Aurelius Hospital Nilai .
“ We aspire for rapid growth and improvements on this excellent hospital with its dedicated doctors and staff . It will continue to serve the communities in Negeri Sembilan , Selangor , and Melaka , and shall be fully transformed for Oncology Care , Cardiology , Women & Children ’ s care , Orthopaedics , and all other clinical specialities of a tertiary hospital for patients at every stage of their life .
“ There are plans to rapidly expand the hospital with an additional in-patient medical block to provide patients and care givers with exceptional care and support .
“ Our commitment is to improve the facilities and services and to always ensure that patients , clinicians , employees , partners , and communities we serve have a great experience and desired clinical outcomes .”
In May 2021 , Navis Capital Partners completed a majority investment into Aurelius Healthcare and is committed to growing the organisation with the aim of having 5-10 hospitals rapidly operating within the platform .
“ Aurelius and Navis have a common vision on how private healthcare could better serve the communities in the region . Through world-class healthcare management practise , engagement with various stakeholders around common goals , integrated care and investments into medical technology , we will make healthcare more accessible for our communities ,” said Edwin Fua , Partner at Navis Capital .

IJN joins public awareness campaign

PROTECT YOUR Heart Now , a public awareness campaign on heart health , was launched in conjunction with World Heart Day on Sept 29 by four key industry leaders ; the National Heart Institute ( IJN ), AstraZeneca , DoctorOnCall and Prudential Malaysia .
The collaboration between all four parties is part of their continuous efforts to raise public awareness about noncommunicable diseases ( NCDs ) in the country and push the digitisation of healthcare .
The current pandemic has heightened awareness on Covid- 19 ’ s impact on people with underlying medical illnesses or comorbidities such as coronary artery disease .
It has been found that more than 80 per cent of Covid-19 deaths have at least one underlying health condition
WHEN Covid-19 hit New Zealand in March 2020 , Malaysian-born Alan Chew ( pix ), who is a successful entrepreneur and technocrat in New Zealand , felt compelled to give back to the country that had helped him become who he is .
The 66-year-old , who ’ s educational qualification is in accountancy , has always been a tech geek with deep interest in the history of pandemics and was quick to realise that contact
As one of the top three NCDs in the country , there is a need to raise awareness and educate Malaysians in managing heart health especially since more than 38 per cent of adults in Malaysia suffer from hypercholesterolemia or high cholesterol levels .
It has been found that 25 per cent of adult Malaysians are not even aware they have high cholesterol .
IJN CEO Datuk Dr Aizai Azan Abdul Rahim ( pix ) said : “ IJN believes in a preventative and holistic approach to medicine , especially since there are strong links between heart health and overall well-being .
“ As the country ’ s premiere heart centre , we have a responsibility to educate Malaysians on this issue and have been doing so via various educational and awarenessraising initiatives since our inception .
“ Given the prevalence
tracing was vital in any pandemic .
He and his colleague Jeffrey To started to design a prototype Covid- 19 tracing technology with the original idea of using QR codes .
“ We wanted contact tracing to be adopted rapidly ,” he told FMT in a Zoom interview . “ With QR code technology , all that is needed is a piece of paper and a mobile phone .
They designed a prototype of cardiovascular disease in Malaysia , we also greatly welcome this collaboration as well ; we can only tackle this challenge with the support of other stakeholders in the medical sector .”
The key to mitigate the risks of unmanaged cholesterol levels is through early detection , raising awareness and a conscious effort to alleviate any unforeseen circumstances .
Enabling patients to obtain the right care and resources is part of AstraZeneca ’ s long-term commitment in supporting the set-up of a more robust healthcare ecosystem in Malaysia , while reducing the rise of NCDs such as coronary heart disease .
“ At AstraZeneca , we remain committed towards playing a vital role in supporting Malaysia ’ s battle against NCDs by strengthening our healthcare ecosystem with solutions beyond the pill ,” said Dr Sanjeev Panchal , Country President , AstraZeneca Malaysia .

Malaysian-born behind first NZ Covid-19 tracer app

and submitted their paper to the ministry of health , which was accepted after a six-week delay .
Chew did not ask for a single cent as royalty , saying what he and his team did was a form of thanking the country that provided him free top-level education .
The app was then developed and built separately by RUSH Digital . In acknowledgement of Chew ’ s important contribution , the ministry placed a special thanks to him on the app itself .