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A concerted effort
Tiger Range countries and partners share initiatives on tiger conservation during AMC4
Tiger recovery and active management
Need to recover and protect world tiger population
Protecting our national symbol
Malayan Tigers risk going extinct
A laughing stock
Authorities made ignorant remarks regarding wildlife conservation to fight criticism against Malaysia ’ s timber and palm oil industry
Pahang continues to make headlines
Fix Lata Jarum ’ s visitor facilities first , says PEKA President
Tribute to our soil
Food safety starts with taking care of the soil and going back to nature
@ green Says …

It ’ s the Year of the Tiger !


TIGER , in general , may remind people of a solid undefeated character . It is often associated with power and bravery .
It may remind Malaysians of the iconic Malayan tiger , a prominent symbol in the country ’ s coat of arms .
The animal will remind them of the national football team , Harimau Malaya , or the Southern Tigers - Johor Darul Ta ’ zim Football Club if they are into sports . If they are into cars , it will remind them of the Proton logo .
It may also remind Malaysians of the famous traditional game called Datuk Harimau that children used to play back in the day . Its name is directly translated as Grandpa Tiger , obviously the game ’ s main character .
The way it is played is quite similar to the Red Light Green Light game made famous through Netflix ’ s TV series , Squid Game . It is not a surprise since this rhythmic folk game is played worldwide , though its versions may be slightly different from country to country .
Even in Malaysia , some children may play Malaysia ’ s version of this folk game , the Datuk Harimau , differently . However , the gameplay is pretty much similar . The children will still sing “ What time is it , Datuk Harimau ?” and the Datuk Harimau will answer whatever he wants .
It can be one o ’ clock , two o ’ clock or even six o ’ clock .
But , the moment he says , “ It ’ s 12 o ’ clock !” - run ! Because this means he had enough of the questions , and it was time for him to eat the other players . The game was fun ! It was fun to annoy the tiger , and if you ’ re chosen to play the tiger , it was fun to chase your scared friends . However , this should stay in the game .
Tigers , and their habitats in real life , should be left alone . With the worrying decline in the Malayan tiger population and increasing human-tiger conflict incidents , the authorities and individuals must put much more effort to protect this critically endangered species .
These collective efforts must go beyond a mere declaration of commitment as we would love to leave our future generations with actual healthy , strong Malayan Tigers - not just the ones used as symbols or in games . p20 p20
Shared vision of smart cities
5G existence will facilitate the development of smart cities
Carbon reduction potential for buildings
There is a whopping 85 per cent reduction potential of the carbon footprint for Malaysian buildings
Driving the circular economy
Corporations are turning towards collaborative partnerships to develop and implement strategies p23
What ’ s next after COP26 ?
There were some success stories but nowhere near the required ambitious commitments
Driven by drones
5G will bring significant changes to the drone industry p24