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RM3b target
IGEM 2022 hopes for good response from businesses
FEA & FMA 2022 prove successful
More than 13,500 participants in the energy and clean mobility sectors converge to drive transformative motion in Southeast Asia
p06 Foreign News
Norway has key opportunities
It can advance transition and help lead the world on clean energy technologies p08-11 p07
Renewable power remains cost-competitive
New IRENA reports almost two-thirds renewable power added in 2021 had lower costs p12-13 p14 p08-11 Focus
Malaysia ’ s energy shift
KeTSA uses ISES 2022 to promote sustainable energy
p12-13 Cover Story
Prudent and optimum utilisation
SEDA Malaysia explains the deliberate decision behind the FiT programme
Finding the gap in ESG research
Local software # SoftwareTheses helps students to brainstorm topics of research and expand their studies