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FASHION MASKS ... TudungPeople has also brought masks into fashion - releasing its mask infused with nano-technology .

We move on to local favourite hijab brand , TudungPeople which was established with the dream of making the right and comfortable hijab for everyone . Since 2011 , TudungPeople has swiftly grown worldwide and has risen to become one of Malaysia ’ s top online hijab store .

With collections that span over 30 different designs , TudungPeople continues to pave the way for comfortable and affordable hijabs with its tagline , “ Making tudung by the people , for the people ”.
This is another brand that has also brought masks into its fashion line . On Feb 22 , 2021 , TudungPeople released its latest mask design - a brand new design with a brand new feature of infused nanotechnology that provides antibacterial and odour control giving people the best protection .
Since its latest product release , TudungPeople managed to bring in more of its Instagram followers by a thousand ( as of Mar 8 , 2021 ).

Another steel-standing hijab brand in Malaysia , Galeri Ariani , is also not running out of trend .

The Malaysian-based premium scarf brand is not losing sight of people ’ s demand for the ‘ back to work ’ vibes . In fact , it seems that Ariani has started kicking in the vibes earlier than The dUCk Group by launching its first line of ‘ Stow Laptop Sleeve ’ on Feb 12 , 2021 .
Ariani is a prominent local brand that started off with the iconic “ Awning tuning ” has since built its strong foundation among the headscarf-wearing crowd . Ariani has always been known for its tasteful head coverings , which is fashion-forward yet maintains the image and ethos of Muslim compliance , thus creating a perfect balance between style and function .
Its products are designed and built upon three elements ; Exclusivity , Modesty and Contemporary . And as the forefront of modest fashion brand , Ariani strives to balance current trends , comfort , and practicality without compromising beliefs . Hence , bringing in a laptop sleeve to the store was definitely a practical need .


NEW STOW ... Ariani ' s laptop sleve collection was launched in early February 2021 .
Ariani has always been known for its tasteful head coverings .


Finally , to highlight one more local-favoured brand , Naelofar . Naelofar is a modest-wear brand founded by prominent Malaysian celebrity and entrepreneur , Neelofa in 2014 . Naelofar ’ s mission is to provide affordable prices with premium quality options . Naelofar owns a range of stylish hijab , apparel , bags and accessories which have reached the hearts of modest fashion lovers worldwide , namely Singapore , Indonesia , Dubai , Germany , UK , the US and many more .

At its core , the brand ’ s promise is to ‘ Go Far ’ and inspire women to always feel confident and empowered by choosing modest wear .
On Feb 26 , 2021 , Naelofar announced its new sejadah design to its Naelofar Silk Road Collection . The ‘ Salema Sejadah ’ features a floral and geometry creation , adding a soft touch to its piece . Along the line , Naelofar also introduced ‘ Inaya telekung ’ to complement its latest release of sejadah .
The efforts made by our local hijab brands to move along with market trends and introduce product variations was a wise move indeed . The pandemic may have pushed down certain business lines , but it certainly did not set down our modest fashion brands .