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Genting tourism market to mount by Q3 MFAR Silver-rated hotel Grand Ion Delemen estimates the Muslim travel market in Genting Highlands will be at its peak by November and December
Immense prospects for halal Standard Chartered Saadiq provides solutions for halal-centred SMEs to tap the halal market locally and globally
A first by Maybank Islamic Bank launches market-first online gold investment account with option to own physical gold
Flexible funding approach for vaccine facilities To ensure Malaysia has durable vaccine facilities , the public and private sectors must work on a unique financial model
Waste no t want not Liability here refers to the waste generated along the processes involved
Halal implementation in food industry Many issues and challenges in obtaining halal status in food production
FWD Takaful launches FWD CI First Intention is to provide simplified critical illness protection
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Pioneering fashion designer Hatta Dolmat sets his collection apart by including modern clothing into his modest collections
Need to consolidate Halal food market has to meet GCC demand
More non-Muslims using halal beauty products The global halal beauty market is expected to reach RM224m by 2022 due to increasing demand
Winning Turks over Indonesia seeks to enter Turkish market with ready-towear fashion